Filabot Technical Grade Filament

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We have been busy here at Filabot creating a new form of filament in response to the increased demand for higher quality prints. Prints that are crisper and more reliable for rapid prototyping via 3D printing.

This new filament is of technical grade, which essentially boils down to the fact that we produce spools of this unique filament to very high specifications. We have fine tuned and respected the process that is filament production and the Technical Grade Filament by Filabot is the result.

The first step in producing the filament is the successful extraction of moisture from the plastic pellets. Moisture can cause a variety of problems the most major being the unwanted procurement of bubbles within the filament, this results in lost time with failed prints and prints that just look bad in general.
So, we run our pellets through an industrial grade resin dryer which removes any chance that bubbles will form during the 3D printing process.

Once the pellets have reached the correct state, we then extrude the filament via our industrial grade extrusion systems that we operate daily at Filabot headquarters. The extrusion system utilizes a red laser...I know it's pretty sweet...that scans the filament 1000 times a second for any imperfections. The data is then sent to a computer that then plots the filament quality in real time so that we can ensure the filament is being produced with the utmost of care.

As a final step, we vacuum seal the filament immediately with desiccants, which is just a fancy word for drying agent. This ensures that the filament remains in its technical grade when it arrives at your doorstep. If you are struggling with poor print quality or would like to just try something new, order a spool of this stuff! If you find the filament to be of fault, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our technical grade filaments.

Cheers and happy printing.

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