Filabot Plastic Testing Service

Filabot Plastic Testing Service

Did you know that Filabot offers comprehensive polymer testing for clients wishing to evaluate a plastic to see if it is suitable for filament production and 3D printing?  

How it Works:

After placing a test order online, send us at least 1 lb of your material in pellet or solid form. Be sure to include an MSDS for the polymer.  

The Evaluation Process:

There are two main areas where the polymers are evaluated. The first area is extrusion, during this test the goal is to take pellets or granulation and extrude the material into filament. We default to using our more advanced Filabot EX2 system to perform this part of the test as it allow us to process the polymer similar to an industrial extruder. When a polymer has been evaluated under a range of temperatures and extrusion speeds, it receives a pass or fail. If the polymer passes the extrusion test we then offer a 3D printing test where our technicians use a range of techniques and printing conditions to evaluate the printing performance of the polymer.

At Filabot, we have thousands of hours of filament extrusion and 3D printing experience, all of which contribute to a thorough and complete evaluation of your polymer.

The Report:

At the conclusion of the test, you’ll receive a report that summarizes our results and offers insight into why a material may have performed one way or the other.


If you would like to request a testing service consultation please email us at or give us a call at 802-505-6772

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