Filabot Industrial Series Extruders

Filabot Industrial Series Extruders

Our extruders are used in a broad range of applications, from novel polymer development to rapid prototyping, as well as large-scale production. In the production “factory” setting, long-life machines allow manufacturing outfits to produce articles with lower overhead, maintaining high quality and minimizing downtime due to maintenance. In recognition of this need from our customers and collaborators, we are introducing the Filabot Industrial Series- a new product line focused on extending the longevity of our extruders for demanding industrial applications. Our first extruder to join this lineup will be the Filabot EX6.

The standard EX6 screw and barrel are hardened through carefully controlled heat treatment to provide superior durability compared to untreated tool steel. While this hardening does increase longevity, we are now able to provide a superior alternative for even greater durability. With the introduction of our Industrial Series extruders, the screw and barrel assemblies for these systems are hardened through a nitriding process that increases the hardness up to 71 C on the Rockwell scale. Additionally, the nitriding process leaves the surface of the screw and barrel with a smooth, ceramic-like finish that reduces friction during processing and makes cleaning easier. 

100x magnification of extruder barrel wall, showing nitrated layer of steel

As we continue to build products, a cornerstone of our engineering philosophy is to always learn from our prior experience and improve upon earlier designs. The Industrial Series is a highlight of that commitment. These improvements in performance will give our customers a leading edge for production functions. Moving forward we will be updating and releasing more products within the Filabot Industrial Series, so stay tuned!



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