Filabot EX6 Featured in Design World Magazine

Filabot EX6 Featured in Design World Magazine

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We are proud to announce that our new filament extruder Filabot EX6 was featured in the Motion System Applications edition of Design World magazine.

The feature ran in the November issue, which can be read digitally here.

We are great admirers of the high-quality and in-depth technical information that Design World magazine provides about cutting-edge technologies, and we are honored to be included in such a prestigious publication.

The Filabot EX6 Filament Extruder is the latest plastic extrusion machine from our company. The device is intended for the 3D printing market. It provides industrial-grade performance with the help of a PWM drive.

Here are the key points discussed in the featured article:

  • Power and Efficiency: The EX6 Filament Extruder provides more output power compared to other similar sized devices, yet the motor is efficient enough to operate from a 15A/120V outlet.
  • Versatility: The EX6 can handle different grades and types of polymers. 
  • New Screw Design: The newly designed 24:1 length-to-diameter screw is longer than other devices. It helps improve output pressure and material consistency. The screw also provides more space for multiple screw geometries. The geometric variations can help optimize outputs for various types of polymers.
  • Motor Improvement: The new screw design is supported by a drive motor from Klauber Machine & Gear Co., a fractional catalog gearmotor provider. The gearmotor provides the required performance and power output.
  • PWM Drive: A PWM drive from American Control Electronics (ACE) is integrated with potentiometer speed control and IR compensation to provide more efficient motor cooler operations. 

Our company Filabot strives to provide high-quality, easy-to-use and environmentally-sustainable polymer extrusion solutions for our 3D printing customers. Filabot EX6 Filament Extruder was designed with these objectives in mind. The digital controls for the device are conveniently located on the top panel to make it easy-to-use. The stock profile screw can be pulled out and replaced with higher compression or faster feed screws to run with polymers of various grades and types. Also, the Filabot EX6 will help you take your plastic waste and turn it directly into filament for your 3D printer. So you can experiment with your designs while reusing polymers and staying environmentally responsible.

We hope the Design World article about EX6 was informative. You can subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube channel to stay updated on future announcements.

If you have any questions about the article or any aspect of the Filabot EX6 Filament Extruder, please feel free to contact us. Our expert engineers are ready to help you today.

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