Introducing Filabot Filament

Filabot is launching its own line of filament produced on the Filabot Core system. Filabot will be stocking the common plastics, but will also be providing specialty filaments to expand your printers appetite. Keep checking in to see the newly added filaments. 


Recycling Service:

This is how it works

1. We ship you spooled filament.

2. You use the filament and print some awesome objects.

3. Once spool is empty, return the original spool with the original box, filled with as much failed ABS prints that fit. 

4. Put on the provided return shipping label.

5. We receive the box and reuse the box, spool, and recycle the failed prints.

6. You get $5.00 off your next filament purchase. 

7. You and Filabot save the world!

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