#3DThursday: Spooler Holders

#3DThursday: Spooler Holders

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One of our most popular machines is the Filabot Spooler, used to spool and store your newly extruded filament with ease and efficiency. What we’re especially proud of is it’s own 3D printed parts that we print here in our shop. The simple holder shown above is a complicated yet low volume piece which makes it ideal and well suited to 3D print.

What’s great is that we get to recycle plastics into parts for machines that help with recycle plastics. Super-meta, whoa.

We print these holders from our PETG+ material, ensuring the strength and flex that is necessary for this aspect of the device to work. And what’s great is that it’s a replaceable part that users can mod, remake, and change to their owns needs and specifications. Changing the size of the holder to fit different spools, for example, is a simple, no-brainer that we’ve built right into our Spooler and that many of our customers take advantage of.

To download the Spooler holder, follow this link to the file on thingverse!

What have you been printing recently? How has 3D printing allowed you to mod your own devices? Let us know and thanks for reading!

The Filabot Team

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