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Customer service is a very important part of any business. Having customers is the reason business are in existence...duh. We bring up this simple point to show that we understand how important it is to treat our customer with the highest level of respect. We are working hard each day to bring the level even higher. Who knows maybe some day we can have a Filabot tech stop by and help you make filament. Until then this is what we are doing for our customers: 

Phone Support - Call us up to ask questions, ask about shipping information, ask about types of materials. We do want to make a note here that our number has change three times in the last few months. Those changes were all in providing better service. Our current number is: 1-802-505-7610 

Email Support - is our main customer service email. We strive to answer all emails within two days. Forgive us if it takes us a little longer. Our fingers can only type so fast. 

3D Hubs Talk - 3D Hubs uses out systems to make filament, we work with them on a constant basis to experiment. There is some great information to find over on that site.


Filabot's Customer Service Beliefs:

  • Provide customers with the highest level of support
  • Give customers knowledge to help them get the most from their machines
  • Always do the right thing 
  • Customer feedback is so important, we always want to make things better.

Here at Filabot we are so happy to have such a great customers. We will continue to grow and do more to provide even better customer support. Thank you to our current customers and our future ones. 

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