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Our hardware is built to convert plastic into the filament used in 3D printers. Our main focus is developing our systems for converting waste plastics into usable filaments, creating a closed loop cycle. Our system are also used in research facilities to develop new filaments for today's complex problems. We have a range of systems that will match your output and material processing needs.


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FilabotFull Recycling Setup
Sale priceFrom €19.337,95
FilabotEX6 Extruder Setup
Sale price€20.138,95
FilabotEX2 Extruder Setup
Sale price€7.012,95
FilabotEX2 Filament Extruder
Sale price€3.193,95
Sale price€871,95
Sale price€8.757,95
FilabotFumex Fume Extractor FA1-E
Sale price€2.903,95
FilabotFilabot Sieve System
Sale price€2.694,95
FilabotRefurbished Systems
Sale priceFrom €112,95
FilabotEX6 and MDPE10 Extruder Screws
Sale priceFrom €1.357,95
FilabotEX6 Cleaning Accessories
Sale priceFrom €13,95