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University of Utah Update: Pre-Experimentation Experimentation

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University of Utah Update: Pre-Experimentation Experimentation

To prompt the MDD Digital Assemblies students - and satiate some of our own curiosities - professor Milad Mozari and Matt Sutton of binary initiated some experiments using powdered additives spanning the basic material categories: timber, glass, metal.

Mixed into locally collected recycled PETG in a 1:10 ratio, and then extruded into filament using the Filabot EX2, each additive added unique characteristics to the filament and resulting test prints.

Below are some photos from the experiments:


  • Filabot Team

    Hi Gabrielle, thank you for your question. These experiments performed by the University of Utah was for his conceptual for aesthetics projects. Stay tune though as we are working on our own testing for the physical side of this experiment.

  • Gabrielle Massoud

    Are they sharing the actual physical testing results, or was this conceptual for aesthetics only?

  • Filabot Team

    Hello Margaret, yes, they are using ground-up recycled PETG sourced from the local recycling/waste plant from their studio.

  • Margaret Whitaker

    This is so cool! Are they using post consumer waste for the PetG components?

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