EX2 EDF Expansion

EX2 EDF Expansion

This is a follow up to Blog Posting:  Extrusion Data File System - New Development

With so many polymers available it is hard to keep track of all the settings used during extrusion. Each polymer can require a different setup and one variable can affect the next. In our filament laboratory we are always working with new grades of polymers, from new mixtures that a customer wants tested to a material from plastic companies who want to convert a polymer into filament for use in 3D printing.

Currently we have an EDF that has all of our verified polymers. Upon checking this link: you will receive an excel file upload with two sheets one for the EX2 and one for the EX6. 

As of 03/23/2020:

Customers can access the current and new EX2 settings here. We have double the amount of polymer information to help customers to make +0.05mm 1.75mm filament with ease. For extruding with these setting follow these steps: 

Set the PID to the temp we have recommended for the extruder. Once the temp has been reached turn on the screw to a slow speed, although this will generate unusable filament, it will make getting the filament to the Spooler easy. Once the filament is in the guide wheels turn up the speed on the extruder and the drive on the Spooler until you reach the recommended speed on the EX2. Then adjust the drive of the Spooler to get the filament in range. Typically once you see consistent filament for 3 to 5 mins then you may start to spool your polymer.  

With our new settings customers can access the recommended settings for all of our instock polymers as well as past polymers we have had. Next updates to the EX2 EDF will include settings for the use of additives, effects of using additions such as the melt filters, and settings for generating +0.05mm 2.85mm filament. 

The hope with the EDF is to provide you with the most accurate information for extruding filament. We are always looking to add to our library of polymers. If you find that a setting does not work or you find a better setting always feel free to let us know! Comment below if there is a polymer you want us to try!  

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