The Filabot Line Up

The Filabot Line Up

How to Use Filabot Line of Products to Make Filament

Filabot is dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our product line reflects that value. Over the last few years, we are proud to have built a group of products that complement each other. If you want to start using Filabot to improve the sustainability of your 3D printing, you can use the products in the following order.


Filabot Industrial Reclaimer

The Filabot Industrial Reclaimer is going to be the starting point for most users. It is a commercial-quality plastic processing unit. You can bring your unused or wasted plastic to this beast of a machine and within minutes your unwanted plastic will be granulated down to particle size. The double insulated, soundproofed hopper ensures that the noise exposure is safe for your hearing. Also, the Filabot Reclaimer is easy to clean and maintain.


Filabot Extruder EX2 and EX6

Once you have your granulated plastic, it’s time to use the extruders to melt it and extrude it to filament form. Filabot has two choices of extruders: the EX2 and the EX6.

The EX2 is the smaller and more affordable version with enough power to get your most challenging extrusion done. The temperature and speed controls are located conveniently on top of the unit. It can handle a wide range of polymers like ABS, PLA, HIPS, PC, PS, Ultem, PEEK and more. A patent-pending screw gives you control over the diameter of the filament while improving output. 

The EX6 is designed for more heavy users and R&D teams. All the controls are located on the top panel like the EX2. It has multiple heat zones to customize the heat profile to the melting point of the polymer material you are using. The screw can be easily replaced with different styles without dissembling the unit. You can use different optimized screw designs for different polymers.


Filabot Airpath

When your filament comes out of the extruder, you need an effective cooldown process for higher temperature polymers. The Filabot Airpath uses forced convection to cool the extruded filament. You can let the hot material pass over the Filabot Airpath. A knob is located on the side panel to control the speed of the filament passthrough.


Filabot Spooler

The last tool that will make your filament production easy is the Filabot Spooler. You can take your newly produced filament and feed it to this machine to neatly organize it. The variable traverse mechanism will evenly distribute the filament to the spool. With this efficient machine, you will not have to waste time trying to organize or untangle filaments.


Last Words

With Filabot’s line of products, you can prototype without any feeling of guilt. If you mess up, you can always reuse your polymers. The Filabot products will keep your 3D printing costs down and help you maintain a sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

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