#TechTuesday: "Infinite Z"

#TechTuesday: "Infinite Z"

Conveyor belts are becoming a fast-growing feature in the 3D printer scene, with a variety of options already available. So if you've been paying attention to the 3D printing world, you're excited as we are for the Printrbot's new Printrbelt 3D printer with what they're calling "Infinite Z."

The Printrbelt is a desktop 3D printer with a moving platform and is currently available via Printrbot's website. With an angled printhead and moving platform you can print continuously, extending prints far beyond the base platform of the machine. 

While you can order it now, the site states that lead time is variable and shipment of the machine could be at anytime as they are producing them on a case by case basis until sales start ramping up. But not only is the machine a new take on desktop systems, it's relatively cheap. Clocking in at just under $1,700 the Printrbelt is a great and lightweight addition to any 3D printing set up.

We want one for Christmas! Or Halloween. Halloween would be better. 

The printer also comes with access to Polar3D's cloud software, as the machine was developed in partnership between the two companies. Printrbot has explicitly stated that compatibility with other cloud software is not guaranteed. 

Anyway, that's what we're excited about when it comes to tech! Will you be purchasing the Printrbelt? What would you print with "Infinite Z" capabilities? Let us know! 

Happy #TechTuesday, 
The Filabot Team

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