#TechTuesday: Filabot Dryer Sneak Peek

#TechTuesday: Filabot Dryer Sneak Peek

Yeah! A a machine for drying your pellets and ground up plastics! Our Warehouse Manager Josh has been working on this one.

We've had a few inquiries over the years about moisture. And while we're still wrapping this one up, we figured what the heck: it's new tech for Tech Tuesday.  

Drying before extrusion is important; if you have moisture in your pellets it creates air pockets in your filament. Not good. Trapped moisture during extrusion boils and creates a bubble which the plastic then forms around. This happens and we don't like it when this happens. We're sure you can relate. 

Filament with bubbles in it is usually out of tolerance for size and is, if this has happened to you, like trying to print with air. Which means you're not printing what you want to print.

So viola! The Filabot Dryer. Well, for right now that's what we're calling it. Look out for this machine for purchase online soon! We'll update you when it's out. 

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The Filabot Team

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