Our New System: Filabot EX6

Our New System: Filabot EX6

Today we introduce a new extruder to our lineup. We built the EX6 after great feedback from customers asking for higher output, more temperature zones, and compatibility with more plastic grades. 

We pride ourselves on making the best systems possible. Our team has done just that with the new Filabot EX6 extruder. The Filabot EX6 blurs the line between high volume production and a laboratory-caliber extruder. This system can be used for recycling and high volume production, and it can also be used to produce filament from new polymer formulations. 

Drive System: The new, powerful drive system ensures high-consistency with large volume output. The motor has a high-quality drive controller that keeps the motor power at a constant speed. 

Heating Zones: There are four temperature controllers on the system. Three control the front heater section, while the fourth controller keeps the input feed throat at a constant temperature. Each controller can be set independently to create the perfect temperature profile for each polymer. 

Feed Screw: Easily swap screws to other screw profiles and quickly clean the system. The screw can be removed completely and cleaned, without needing to rely solely on purge compound for cleaning. Some polymers need different screw geometry, and as we develop our systems to work with more polymers the EX6 can be upgraded by simply changing the screw.  

Extrusion Speed: With all of these new improvements the EX6 can make over 10lbs per hour. High quality, +/-0.05mm filament. 




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