Introducing the Filabot Lab Kit

Introducing the Filabot Lab Kit

We are happy to release our newest addition to filament education the EX6 Filabot Lab Kit. This hands-on kit is made to help beginners learn how to use our EX6 bundle and accessories and how to make successful filaments. For our first kit we used PLA 3D870 pellets, when you receive the kit you will be given: a hopper full of 3D870 pellets pre-dried and vacuum sealed for instant use, a lab manual with easy to follow instructions on how to extrude filament, a container of purge, and a Filabot print made from PLA 3D870 filament. We are excited to reach out with more educational resources and you should be on the lookout for more lab kits that will include the use of the EX2, more polymers for the EX6, and how to make filament with different colorant.

Check out our new Lab Kit here:


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