Unboxing the Filabot EX2

Unboxing the Filabot EX2

Hey everyone!


Here is a new video of Tyler unboxing our Filabot EX2 3D filament extruder. Our extruders are shipped in a custom box to ensure they arrive safely to your doorstep. The EX2 can produce industrial quality filament up to 5 times faster than our Filabot Original. It is equipped with a proprietary feed screw that mixes and compounds as it extrudes. The EX2 can produce about 1lb of filament in just 30 minutes. Not only can it produce quality filament at industry leading speed, but it can also extrude a wide variety of thermoplastics. All of our systems come with a full one year warranty, so if anything breaks, we will fix it or replace it at no charge to you.


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The Filabot Team


  • Tyler

    Thanks for the question, the Wee is our only open source system.

  • Dane Shea

    Is the filabot ex2 open source? Please say yes, otherwise I have to go with the wee

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