2015 Filabot NYC World Maker Faire Recap

2015 nyc world maker faire

The 2015 NYC World Maker Faire was a blast from sun-up until well after sun-down, every day. Cheers to the organizers, Maker Media, for their seemingly flawless execution of the event.  Turnout this year was close to 90,000, which approaches 50% growth from last years fantastic numbers - signaling a rapidly expanding interest in all things maker. 

After we set up our booth on Friday we headed over to the Paella social where all the exhibiting makers were treated to... Paella!  And beer/wine/plenty of other treats. 

nyc 2015 maker faire paella

We had a great time cavorting with other industry pros at the mixer, particularly Brook Drumm, founder of Printrbot. We have several Printrbots running near 24/7 at Filabot so putting a face to the machine so to speak was great as I personally had yet to meet him - great guy, great machines. 

This opening night would later prove to have been the best time to mingle in this regard because the Filabot booth kept us slam busy from start to finish on Saturday and Sunday.

Our closed loop recycling demo generated an awful lot of interest from students, educators, makers, and industry pro's.  Showing how you can easily turn ordinary household waste plastics into new, useful products proved to be an ideal display for one of the Filabot extruders' many capabilities.  

3d closed loop recycling

In closing, the Filabot team would like to give a big shout out to all the other makers and all the attendees that stopped by the Filabot booth, we had a brilliant weekend with all and will absolutely be seeing you next year for the 2016 NYC World Maker Faire!  

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