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3D Hubs Launching FILABOT-Powered Recycling Centers

In our view, closed-loop recycling in the 3D printing industry should be a core goal. This has us thoroughly excited to share that the team at Hubs has announced the launch of three recycling centers for failed prints - with a center in the UK, one in the Netherlands, and one stateside in Boston! All three centers will be using a Filamaker shredder to grind up failed prints and a Filabot to extrude the waste into fresh filament. The filament will then be made available to the community for re-use, fully closing the loop on 3D printed waste.

To get the word out about the launch, 3D Hubs is asking that you use social media to post a pic of your most fantastic fail to #REMAKE3D before September 9th. The 3 Hubs with the most popular disaster pics will score a spool of 100% recycled filament from Refil.

These three centers are considered pilot programs, which ultimately points to more centers opening up later in the year and beyond, with an ever-increasing capacity to turn all of our failures into something a little more noble!  





  • Laura

    I am so happy that there is a place to send failed prints. I’ll box ours up soon!

  • Tyler McNaney

    Hi Tim,

    Yes you can send in any failed prints, just make sure to keep the different grades sorted.

    Our shipping address is:

    305 South Main St
    Suite 1
    Barre, VT 05641

  • Tim

    Can I mail you some PLA scraps for recycling?

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