#3DThursday: Kayak Cup Holder

#3DThursday: Kayak Cup Holder

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You can kayak down white water rapids or just go for a little paddle. You can ride rivers or meander around lakes. While we prefer both extremes of the sport, this cup holder definitely speaks to the serene nature of kayaking while the summer sun dips gently below the horizon. 

Designed by Whitney Trudo, our Operations Manager, this kayak cup holder is a great little addition if you're going out on the water to unwind after work with a drink or two. Printed at Filabot with our PETG+ filament for durability, this cup holder can clamp onto a variety of surfaces, not just kayaks.

Whitney says she had a lot of fun designing this piece from scratch and she's already gotten quite a bit of use of out it! 

You can download this design on thingverse.com here. 

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The Filabot Team

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