#3DThursday: Four Wheeler Parts – Filabot
#3DThursday: Four Wheeler Parts

#3DThursday: Four Wheeler Parts

What's cool about working at Filabot besides the fact that we get to work with the Filabot? Many, many things. But since we're in the 3D Printing community, we decided to post about what we get to print at Filabot. 

One of the perks of working here is that we have a ton of filament. On average we get about 300lbs of waste prints and plastic a week. And that means we get to take advantage of our 3D printers and extra filament! 


Our Warehouse Manager, Josh Heisler is known for his affection for all things mechanical and vehicle related. An avid user of ATV's, Josh uses his free time to print parts for his four wheeler and other vehicles. 

Josh says:

I had some broken support pieces for my rear fenders on my wheeler. The previous owner didn't bother fixing it and tied it together with chicken wire just to stop the fenders from bouncing around too much. The noise from the thick wire bouncing around was very annoying and the fenders didn't have the correct support. I looked the parts up and they were $15.30 each, so total would have been $30.60 without shipping. I printed them with ABS so I could use acetone to melt the layers together even better to make it stronger. I have been wheeling 3 times now with them they are holding up great.

Josh also says: 

I did a very simple design. Didn't need to be fancy. 

So there you have it. While we're working on your orders, developing filaments and redesigning the Filabot we're also printing, making and creating for a variety of reasons. To quote a famous YouTube video: That's pretty neat! 

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The Filabot Team


  • Filabot Team

    JC, we don’t know of any that are specifically 3D printing ATV parts but there are a number of companies out there that provide 3D printing services if you can provide them with a CAD file (3D model) to make the part from. Some of them even offer assistance in creating a CAD model if you do not possess the skills or software. It is quite likely that if you had engineering drawings of the parts with relevant dimensions you could make it happen! Shapeways and Protolabs are two examples of such companies you could look into.

  • JC

    Hi, do you know of any company that is taking orders for ATV parts? This is a huge opportunity as polaris and honda, yamaha all discontinue parts after 10+ years but their vehicles are still out there, we need the ability to recreate the parts from the schematics found available online.

  • Filabot Team

    Hi Josh, sorry, unfortunately we do not take orders at this time. Resources like Thingiverse may provide you with what you need at this time.

  • Joshua Blohm

    I’m wondering if you take orders. I’m needing a headlight housing for a 1983 Honda atc200e. Thanks

  • Juli

    Way to think out of the box!

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