Filabot and Ben and Jerry's Teaming Up to Save the World

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Happy Earth Day!

Filabot is proud to announce that we are in the process of teaming up with Ben and Jerry's locations to up-cycle their spoons into pellets and filament!

This is another step we are making towards responsible use of plastic waste and it just so happens that Ben and Jerry's is passionate on making their waste less wasteful.

We will gather spoons at selected locations with fiber drums that we provide.

Then; wash the spoons, grind the spoons into pellets, dry the pellets in our special dryer and lastly, extrude some of the pellets into filament. 

The filament and pellets will be available to our customers once we begin the process with the first batch of spoons.

 You can contribute to our process by eating ice cream at Vermont Ben and Jerry's!

Every spoon matters. Let's all be kind to mother earth.


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