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The New Filabot Filabox

The Filabox

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   This is an introduction and guide on one of our great new products, the Filabox. The Filabox is used in conjunction with any 3-D Printer setup to keep your filament in a dry, moisture free environment from spool to printer to produce the best print quality possible. One of the hardest things to combat as most 3-D printing enthusiasts or true 3-D makers know, is moisture. The humidity in the air whether you know it or not is getting absorbed by your filament, and this alone can cause a handful of problems. Such as:

  • Popping or Sizzling during printing
  • Bubbles
  • Layer Inconsistencies
  • Layer Adhesion
  • Weak Prints

     We noticed some of these things through all of the printing we do here and that is why we created the Filabox. If you have noticed any of these things then the Filabox is the first step to solving your problems and getting high quality prints. It is a fully enclosed acrylic casing with sealed seams, and a rubber gasket seal on the lid to keep moisture out. At the bottom there are plastic dowels that your spool rests on and can spin freely throughout the duration of your print. Desiccant sits at the bottom to absorb as much of the remaining moisture as possible. The desiccant also changes color when it’s time to change or recharge (there is a guide as to how to recharge the dessicant under the Filabox page on our website.) There’s even a humidity gauge mounted on the lid to show you your actual humidity levels inside of the Filabox.

Using the Filabox is very easy:

    1.) Simply Place your spooled filament inside the box

    2.) Feed the Filament out of the hole in the lid and directly to your 3-D Printer. There is a plug for when the Filabox is not in use to preserve the desiccant.

            You can see the difference on the gauge within minutes between the ambient air and the air inside the Filabox. As you can see it makes a 40% difference even on a humid summer day like the day these photos were taken. With fresh desiccant in a dry environment we’ve gotten them down to 0% humidity inside the box!                        

                                   Before:                                                         After:


      Theres a saying out there that says practice what you preach and to show that, we use a Filabox with each of our in-house printing setups. So if you want the highest quality prints possible head on over to to get one today and see the difference for youself.


      • Filabot Team

        Hello Robert, unfortunately, we are no longer selling this item. There are other companies that sell these like Polybox.

      • robert

        Nice, but where to buy???

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