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Recycling Setup Bundle: Reclaimer & Pelletizer

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Recycling Setup Bundle: Reclaimer & Pelletizer

This Recycling Setup Setup bundle consists of the two units, the Filabot Reclaimer and the Filabot Pelletizer, that can be used with the Filabot Extruders (or most other popular filament extruders) to recycle failed 3D prints and other solid plastics into new filament. This setup is bundled together because the Reclaimer and Pelletizer work together in the recycling process.

Filabot Reclaimer

The Filabot Reclaimer is a two-stage shredder and granulator unit designed to break down plastic into a size compatible with Filabot extruders. The shredder “Stage 1” breaks down larger plastic chunks into a size that can be loaded into the granulator “Stage 2” for final size reduction. This two-stage approach improves the versatility of the Reclaimer for use with a variety of material types and shapes which may break down differently, allowing the user more control over the final output. The Filabot Reclaimer also includes a smart control system that provides for maximum safety. 

Filabot Pelletizer

The Filabot Pelletizer chops filament into pellets for the final extrusion of filament. This unit connects to the Filabot Spooler using a guide tube and mount that allows for regrind shavings to be directly chopped into pellets. From there the pellets can be extruded into printable filament.

Recycling Process

Recycling plastic is a process when followed correctly produces high-quality filament. Producing printable filament requires these steps using our Filabot hardware.

  1. Grinding Plastic - Filabot Reclaimer
  2. Dry Reclaimed Plastic to Remove Moisture - Can be done with an oven, desiccants, or standard polymer dryer.
  3. Granular Plastic Extrusion - Filabot EX2 or Filabot EX6
  4. Chopping Filament into Pellets - Filabot Pelletizer
  5. Pellet Extrusion into Final Filament - Filabot EX2 or Filabot EX6

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  • Filabot Team

    Hola Daniel, tenemos dos opciones para filamento de 1.75 mm en nuestra línea de extrusoras EX2 y EX6. Póngase en contacto con nosotros en o consulte nuestra página de máquinas para obtener más información.

  • Daniel

    Saludos me gustaría saber el costo del set completo para crear filamentos de 1.75

  • Filabot Team

    Hello Yetti, the packaging is not recycled. The machines in order to be safely be distributed need to be in sturdier packaging. We are working towards recycled packaging for our other materials/accessories.

  • Yetti Towler

    Will this with recycled plastic packaging ?

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