🎉 Re-Introducing Massive Dimension 3D Printing – Filabot
🎉 Re-Introducing Massive Dimension 3D Printing

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🎉 Re-Introducing Massive Dimension 3D Printing

Massive Dimension 3D Printing

As 3D printers get larger, filament is not a viable option for fabrication as the output is too slow. The next solution is a direct print pellet head extruder. Using pellets to directly print objects. We have designed the best pellet head extruder on the market. Our direct pellet printer extruder produces the most consistent output. We have studied every aspect of extrusion to make sure that all the components work together to be as efficient as possible. 

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  • Filabot

    Thank you for your feedback! Currently we are researching solutions similar to that including things like pin valves and wipers but haven’t validated anything yet. We’ll need to implement a control system to allow the use of a single retract command to keep versatility with various CNC platforms.

  • JB

    Nice looking system.
    I had a thought about overcoming stringing.
    Where a normal extruder retracts the filament, could a small thin blade swing under this extruder in a clockwise direction (more on that below)?
    When swinging under the tip, the edge would grab any ooze, and once in position would stop more ooze from exiting the tip.
    After the extruder gets into position to lay down more plastic, the blade would rotate clockwise again.
    That rotatinal motion would carry cooled plastic away from the print job and get plucked off into a little holding container/chute/trash bag.

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