FILAMEASURE Inline Filament Measurement and SPC Unit

FILAMEASURE Inline Filament Measurement and SPC Unit

Close the Loop - Reuse, Rework, Re-extrude

Finally, the perfect way to measure filament while extruding. The Filabot Filameasure is the perfect addition to the Filabot Spooler, this addition mounts to the Filabot Spooler and measures freshly extruded filament.

The inline measurement allows for real time adjustments to dial in diameter for the best possible filament. No more need for consistent caliper checking with this tool. Another great feature of the Filameasure is the SPC Unit one can attach to it. With the Filalogger software one can record and save in real time filament spooled or polymers tested! This is upper handy for on the cuff adjustments and troubleshooting needs. The Filameasure and SPC unit will allow to compare and contrasts your data with other plastics and extruder settings to see what works best for you!

We feel very strongly about the value this addition can bring to you and your extrusion making! To help with the support of our product we have a couple YouTube videos you can check out here. Also, check out the Filameasure here on our website! Be on the lookout for new products to improve your recycling and extrusion needs!.  

Below is a real time trial image of the filament graphed: 

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