Filabot Extruders in the Research Environment

Filabot Extruders in the Research Environment

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Modern extrusion systems are used in many industries, from manufacturing to R&D, extrusion systems allow a company to produce filament with great speed and quality. These modern systems, however, are not without their flaws. For one they are expensive, increasingly so, as the systems become more robust and technically advanced.

At Filabot we have realized this immense drawback for researchers. Often the best solution is one of simplicity. Labs do not need to produce vast quantities of material that an industrial grade extruder provides. The larger systems simply aren't adaptable enough in a fast paced and ever changing research environment. The Filabot extrusion system is an appropriate remedy to this problem.

The Filabot extrusion system is compact, they can be placed and operated on a desk with ease. As opposed to the larger systems that can take up a whole room, the Filabot is certainly a machine of simplicity. Yet it is also a system that upholds every sense of the word ''industrial''. It is a machine that, while much more compact, can have great advantages for in laboratory environment among others.

Another advantage of the Filabot extruder is its ability to produce small quantities of filament. This allows R&D departments to experiment with a variety of filament mixtures. The Filabot only needs about 4oz of material in order to start, a number vastly smaller than its counterparts.

As always the Filabot extrusion system is built to last, we provide every customer with a one year warranty on every system that they purchase.

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