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Carting Your 3D Printer Gear

Carting Your 3D Printer Gear

3D Printer Cart
I truly love my Printrbot, but there are times when I want a little privacy, a little Netflix time, a little time away from the whirring and the buzzing. The solution, I found, had four wheels on it. The cart holds everything I need it to, all my 3D printer gear in one place. When I'm getting set for a 6 hour print and I'm up against a new episode of The Walking Dead, I just roll it all away and let it lay down its layers elsewhere. A cart also comes in handy when an ABS print is on deck. I personally don't print with ABS much, but when I do, it's great to be able to relegate it to a spare bedroom where the fumes aren't bothersome.
My original plan was to build a custom cart, but then I thought about all the other custom stuff that needs to be built and the cart just didn't make the cut. The cart I'm using is the Ikea Flytta, and its been great for my needs. I like the laboratory look/feel of it, the stainless is of reasonable gauge, and it has no trouble taking the weight. That said, there are specialized 3D printer carts out there to consider, like this one from AirWolf3D. Their cart looks like it would be great for schools and businesses and has plenty of onboard storage. It also has an overhead spool rack, a slide out laptop shelf, and an outlet strip which would make it easier to move from room to room (or office to office) and quickly juice back up. AirWolf3D also makes some very nice 3D printers!
The bottom line is that a 3D printer cart can make your 3D experience a better experience by freeing up desk/table/counter space, help you organize your tooling, and allow you to conveniently relocate your station. It's definitely been one of my favorite upgrades to date!

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  • Dwayne

    Hi, I am needing a cart for our printer (school environment). I was wondering if you noticed any problems with instability – the back and forth shaking of the cart while the printer is busy, and if it affects dimensional qualities?

    I’m looking at a local cart which only has two locking wheels, instead of 4; curious if it matters for stability.

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