Filabot's 2015 New Years Resolutions

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Filabot's 2015 New Years Resolutions

It has been seven days since New Years, are you sticking to your resolutions? 2014 was a great year for Filabot. Filabot started from a simple product line up, to an extensive selection of filament, filament makers, and accessories. Even still we are continuing to grow our product selection to provide the best. We have grown to be able to provide products on marketplaces such as Amazon, Newegg, and Grainger. This 2015, New Year we have some awesome products and plans that will be one giant leap for 3D printing. We are going to be launching new filaments, a new Filabot Reclaimer, new printing accessories, and a special secret project. Along with these plans and products we have some resolutions that we are going to stick to like glue.

These are Filabot's 2015 New Years resolutions:

  • Even better customer service
  • Shorter lead times 
  • Finally, solve plastic pollution 

Happy New Year!

The Filabot Team


  • Phil

    Thanks for responding, the bags were not resealable though, just very badly melted with creases and large unsealed gaps.
    The desiccant is only useful if the bag is sealed, a simple ziplock bag would seal far better, or even stretchwrap.

  • Tyler McNaney

    Hi Phil,

    We are sorry that the bags were not sealed. We like using the resealable bags as once a user is done with the filament they can use it again to store filament. Also the desiccant pack has been sized appropriately for the 1lb spools of filament. Given the size of the bag, and the max humidity in the air the desiccant pack we use can absorb all moisture and more that is in the filament, and in the bag.

    We have to moderate the post because of all the spam.


    Tyler McNaney

  • Phil

    And yea you moderate it I’l post it where you can’t, that’s life.

  • Phil

    Please buy a proper vac sealer.

    I got every reel of filament ordered in unsealed bags (attempted seal, but massive fail, no vacuum; inches of unsealed bag) with a Tiny Tiny desiccant pack.

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