Taulman Nylon 680







680 is a medical grade nylon made with a FDA approved polymer. Post processing allows for smooth 3D printing in the same temperature range as other taulman nylons. 680 is slightly more transparent than nylon 645. Again, this is to support non-destructive visual inspection of the printed part. 680 comes with 2 QR codes. One is for technical information needed by 3D Printers. The 2nd is for traceability. 680 is a non-leaching FDA nylon that's capable of low temperature sterilization techniques. Specifically, Ethylene oxide and high temperature sterilization as in Flash Steam post processing. 680 is much less pliable than nylon 645 as it is intended to support a long list of medical uses. 680 is currently in community testing.
NOTE: Nylon 680, will be a controlled material as to date code, batch code and processing codes. Available to everyone, each user will be automatically assigned a "User ID". This allows each spool to be traced back to taulman3D for verification.

Nylon 680
    Nylon 680 has been in development for over 8 months.  We are extremely pleased to have the excellent co-operation of our top tier chemical company along with our extrusion manufacturing company.  This team has worked together to produce an excellent polymer that not only meets chemical requirements, but enables the use of nylon 680 in most FFM type 3D Printers.  The polymer is a pure polymer that is FDA approved.  There are no additives used in the chemical manufacturing or extrusion processes.  Nylon 680 uses taulman3D's processes to accommodate it's use in FFM style/type 3D Printers.

General Information:
Line Color = none/natural somewhat more clear than nylon 645 - Prints to an semi transparent very light tan part
Opacity = TBD
Print Temperature = 238C
Over temperature = 255C
Degradation Temp = 328C

Test bars are in print now and will be sent to the Labs shortly.
Note:  Nylon 680 is a stiffer polymer than our other nylons.
Strength = TBD however early print tests show it to be higher than our 645
Surface texture = Maintains the slippery surface texture that is a significant feature to nylon.

  Both sides of spool will be labeled.  No secondary labels will be allowed.
  QR #1 - Ref back to taulman3D.com with technical information.
  QR #2 - Tracking information and batch traceability.

Post Process capability:
  Nylon 680 is compatible with Ethylene oxide and Flash Steam post processing.
  Note: Nylon is hygroscopic and any water based processing will require a longer dry time.

  Vacuum sealed w/ desiccant pouches.