Taulman Clear t-glase Filament


3D Printer



t-glase is a high quality Polyethylene terephthalate polymer. It is modified to provide a 5% higher amount of reflectivity making it more equivalent to a glass polymer. t-glase is also processed using the same techniques taulman3D developed for nylon. Full processing allows for a polymer that easily prints at 212C. A temperature easily obtained by all FFM 3D Printers.  t-glase is also a high strength polymer meant for industrial applications. The major advantage of t-glase to all other polymers, is layer to layer bonding. Because the polymer bonds so well, there is no need to smash a large number of thin layers together to accommodate a good bond. Industry uses layer settings that are 70% to 100% of the nozzle dia with excellent results. t-glase has a very low shrinkage factor and is best printed on acrylic or glass print beds heated from 50C to 80C depending on part size. As with nylon 645, 680 and 910, the clarity of t-glase supports industrial non-destructive evaluations. In addition, t-glase is a directly printable polymer for glass clear jewelry. Users should watch the blogs for new 3D Printing jewelry designers to start advertising. And due to the additional reflectivity, t-glase is considered the only high transmission light-pipe polymer. Due to it's chemical make-up, light transitions easily along the path of a printed thread. This allows the designer to draw and print a light-pipe with any path required. t-glase can not be colored with standard dyes.

  • 1lb Spool