Taulman 910 Natural





Alloy 910 is meant to be the perfect filament for high-performance 3D printing.  According to taulman, the material has “a combined tensile strength higher than the strongest co-polyesters, the durability of Nylons, a shrinkage factor that rivals our t-glase, a vast range of chemical resistance, and a 95° C working range.”  At the same time, it’s designed to be used with relative ease, printable at 245° C.

  • Tensile Strength = 8,100PSI +
  • Modulus PSI = 72,932
  • Max Elongation at break = 31%
  • Print Temperature = 245° C
  • Nozzle size = Any – There are no particulates or additives in Alloy 910
  • Tg = 90° C
  • Shrinkage = 0.0031 in/in
  • Transmission = 50%
  • Color = Subtle Amber – May be dyed with acid based dyes.

Though Alloy 910 has a tensile strength greater than 8,100 PSI, this is accomplished without any added-in materials, such as the aforementioned carbon nanotubes or carbon fibers.  No composites or filler.  In other words, this is a pure plastic, so that it is very versatile, but also has wide universal appeal and requires no specialty nozzles.  To print the material, all that’s needed on a printbed heated up to 45° C is a coat of PVA and, on a cold bed, BuildTak with some PVA. 

910 is also an FDA approved polymer. It has similar properties to 680, however, is not compatible with low temperature medical sterilization techniques, i.e. Ethylene oxide or others. 910 is also a much stiffer nylon than our 618 and 645. 910 is meant for high temperature high strength high durability uses. Cooking utensils, direct food and drink containers, etc. In addition, nylon 910 is an excellent material for molding where the poured mixture may go through high temperature thermal set-up.