Refurbished Filabot Extruders - Filabot
Refurbished Filabot Extruders - Filabot


Refurbished Systems

Sale price$3,290.00 USD

These units are a great way to get started with filament extrusion. All refurbished equipment goes through mechanical verification for operation. Enclosures and mechanical parts may show some wear and have scratches or dents that otherwise do not affect the extrusion quality. Consider these units as broken in. They may have a few dents or scratches, but the inside is as good as new. These systems come with a 90-day warranty. For any information about the specific equipment, please refer to the related product listings. Filabot EX2, Filabot EX2, Filabot Spooler, MDPH2, MDPE10 

Please note that we may not always have a refurbished system in stock, and it is first come, first serve when they are available.

Refurbished systems can't be applied to bundles, nor can they be any further discounted.