PLA Pellets - 3D850

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**Only Works with Filabot EX2 and Up - Does not work on Filabot Original**

This new 3D850 PLA has been engineered by Natureworks specifically for 3D printing. This formula crystallizes faster that their other PLA compounds, which allows for accelerated printing speeds with less distortion. This formula also features increased heat resistance for 3D prints. The clarity of 3D850 is excellent, as it does not exhibit the yellowed undertone of other PLA compounds. This makes it ideal for use in creating transparent and translucent filaments.

3D850 has all the great hallmarks of PLA, as it does not require a heated bed for printing, is made from renewable sources, and is non-toxic.

3D850 PLA is produced here in the US from Natureworks, the global leader in bio-based material development.



Plastic Type: PLA

Extrude Temperature: 180°C - 200 °C

Color: Clear

Pellet Grade: 3D850

Material Safety Datasheet: PLA 3D850

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