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LE200 Pellets

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This new material is from SK Chemicals, a chemical company that is developing many polymers specifically for 3D printing. This new materiel bridges the gap between solid ridged materials and rubber-like materials. This new material is called LE200, a rubber mimicking, flexible material. We are excited for this material because it provides us with more design options, we can make items that use live hinges. Other prints such as protective cases could be made with this material.  

The main features of LE200 are: 

  • Flexibility and resilience to tearing - Great for "live hinges"
  • Hardness shore D: 40-55
  • Good performance in a wide range of temperature
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV resistance

Click here for the MSDS

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Extrusion Temp: 175°C - 190°C

Nozzle Temp: 220°C - 240°C

Bed Temp: 50°C - 30°C

Note: 1.75mm extrudes in spec using the EX2, however, 2.85mm filament is not currently extruding within +/-0.05mm spec with the EX2 system. Both diameters can be extruded in spec using the EX6.

LE200 is one of SK Chemicals' SKYPLETE line of 3D printing thermoplastics. Please contact us if you think we should offer more of these materials from SK Chemicals!


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