FTG PCHH Filament - High Heat
FTG PCHH Filament - High Heat



High Heat, PC




High Heat PC is a specially formulated plastic with a higher heat deformation temperature. This filament is ideal for applications where the component could be exposed to heat outside of the range that standard PC can tolerate.

  • Appearance and properties similar to standard PC
  • Product is approximately 90% PC, and 10% heat stabilization additives
  • Product resists deformation when exposed to heat
  • Heat deflection temperature under load @ 66psi :  155°C (310°F)


Diameter: 2.85mm or 1.75mm

Diameter Tolerance: +/- 0.05mm

Print Temperature: 270 - 310 °C

Heated Bed Temperature: 90 - 100°C

Color: Translucent / Clear 

Amount of Filament: 1lb