FTG ABSFR Filament - Flame Retardant
FTG ABSFR Filament - Flame Retardant


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ABS, Flame Retardant


Flame Retardant ABS is a specially formulated plastic that when removed from a flame source, the component extinguishes itself. This filament is ideal for applications where the component could be exposed to flame or ignition from a spark.

  • Appearance and properties similar to standard ABS
  • Product is approximately 90% ABS, and 10% flame retardant additives
  • Product is flame retardant and will extinguish once flame source is removed 
  • Flammability V-0 @ 1/16 in V-0 @ 1.5 mm UL94
  • Flammability 5VA @ 1/8 in 5VA @ 3.0 mm UL94


Diameter: 2.85mm or 1.75mm

Diameter Tolerance: +/- 0.05mm

Print Temperature: 240-260 °C

Color: Natural

Standard Spool Weight: .5kg (1lb)

Bulk Spool Weight: 5kg (11lbs) or 10kg (22lbs)

Material Safety Datasheet: FTG ABSFR

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