Filament Extrusion Service

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Do you need a type of filament made for a specific project? A once or twice a year material that is not cost effective for your company or project to develop on its own?

With our Filament Extrusion Service, we will work with you to extrude any given material that can or might be able to be extruded into usable filament.

Understanding what goes into the process, development, and testing of each material is important and we will use our expertise in order ensure you are satisfied with the results and final filament of the polymer you want to extrude.

How to Purchase:

  1. If we have not "passed" this material in a previous test please add the "Plastic Testing Fee" to your order.
  2. If the material has "passed" in a previous test then add either the 1.75mm Diameter or 2.85mm Diameter to your cart and use the quantity selector to add the weight of plastic that is being sent to us.
  3. Mail material to this address:
    ATTN: Extrusion Lab
    305 South Main St
    Barre VT 05641



    Spool Size: 1lb spools in 1.75mm or 2.85mm

    Vacuum sealed



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