Filafilter - Fume Extractor
Filafilter - Fume Extractor

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Caution should always be used when 3D printing within a poorly ventilated indoor environment.  This is why we created the Filafilter.

Filafilter is a carbon air filter for your 3D printer or filament extruder.  It uses a fan to circulate the air around your device and filter any harmful fumes they may be released into the indoor air.  As the air passes through the fan, it’s filtered by two carbon pads that capture any harmful particles before they get released into the air, keeping yourself and anyone around you out of harm’s way.

To read more about the potential harm that poor ventilation can cause, click here.


Voltage: 110VAC 60Hz

Size: 9in x 7in x 10in

Filters: Activated Carbon, ( Includes two extra filters)