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Filabot Original Filament Extruder


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The Filabot Original is out entry-level extruder system that allows for users to make low-cost filament from low-cost pellets. The system is built around our uni frame extruder design, similar to the Filabot EX2 platform. This system works well with ABS, 4043D PLA, PC, HIPS, and other low melt flow polymers.

**Voltage Note – be sure to select the 110VAC (Domestic) or 220VAC (International) specific to the country that you are going to be using the extruder system in. There is no operational difference between the 110VAC or 220VAC.**

Extrudable Plastics: ABS, ABS Flame Retardant, 4043D PLA, PC, and HIPS. Lower Melt Flow Polymers

Extrusion Rate: .5lbs of filament per hour (50 inches per minute using 4043D PLA @ 1.75mm).

Filament Sizes: 1.75mm and 2.85mm

Material Input Size: 1/8th of an inch to powder

Temperature Control: One Zone, PID Controller

Feed Screw and Drive:

35rpm Set Speed

Wood Screw

Non- Removable

Universal Power Input: 110 VAC or 220 VAC - 50 to 60hz - 500 watts

Physical Characteristics: Weighs 28lbs (12.7kg) and dimensions of 18in x 7in x 9in.

Full 1 Year Warranty

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