Filabot Forced Air

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This is a custom designed fan duct that is used to cool filament as it is being extruded from our Filabot systems. On the Filabot Original and EX2 the auxiliary plug can be used to power this powerful fan. On the Filabot Wee, additional power will need to be used, as the Wee does not have auxiliary power. Double sided tape will also need to be used to hold the fan on the Wee. Also this fan system works only with tension on the filament. This is not intended to be used for the floor spooling method. 

This item comes in a kit. You print the fan duct with the provided STL files, or we can print the parts to save some time. 

Kit Includes:

  • 24VDC Fan with Molex Plug
  • 2X Magnets 
  • Strip of double sided tape to mount
  • 2X Pins for Top Cover

Printing Design Files

Main Duct V1.2  - Updated 11/30/2015

Top Cover V1

Fan Guard V1.2

Filabot Forced Air - Pack Document