New Product! DW25 Pellet Dryer

New Product! DW25 Pellet Dryer

New from Filabot, the DW25 Pellet Dryer is a desiccant wheel pellet dryer that pairs perfectly with our Filabot EX2 and Filabot EX6 extruders.

New from Filabot, the DW25 Pellet Dryer is a desiccant wheel pellet dryer that pairs perfectly with our Filabot EX2 and Filabot EX6 extruders.

Traditional dehumidifying dryers use a large volume of molecular sieves in pellet form composed of at least 30% clay, which tends to degrade very easily over time.

The desiccant wheel instead is completely different where the pure molecular sieve is applied to a synthetic substrate, rolled into a cylinder forming a honeycomb structure, and covered by a steel protection.

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Technical Features

The wheel pellet dryer offers a large number of important advantages:

  1. Dryer installed on the drying hopper to save floor space
  2. Dryer is removable from the hopper to allow easier maintenance
  3. Drying temperatures up to 180°C
  4. Constant and adjustable dewpoint of down to -50°C
  5. Energy saving up to 40% and more
  6. Energy monitoring system.
  7. No need for compressed air
  8. No need for cooling water
  9. Automatic or manual adjustable process airflow
  10. 7 ”vertical touchscreen display with viewing angle, large capacitive screen with immediate response, clear and bright; Intuitive user-oriented interface in alternative to the LCD display.
  11. Material selection table with pre-set or programmable drying parameters
  12. Visual and acoustic alarm
  13. Smart Mode: automatic adaption of the drying process to the production needs by monitoring the return air temperature - no waste of energy
  14. MPM (Material Protection Management): protects the material from over-drying and degradation by monitoring the loading system or return air temperature
  15. SLS (Safety Loading System): prevents undried material from reaching the production machine by monitoring the drying time.
  16. 5-year warranty on the desiccant wheel.
  17. Weekly timer - standard with touchscreen and optional with LCD display.

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