Massive Dimension Upgrade Program

Massive Dimension Upgrade Program

Are you an MDPH2 user feeling the itch of upgraditis? Maybe you were an early Massive Dimension supporter back in 2019, getting in the pellet extruder game while the MDPE10 was still just a twinkle in the engineers’ eyes. Or perhaps you bought an MDPH2 only six months ago, thinking the output increase over your filament extruder would sate your appetite for bigger and faster prints- but your thirst for seeing those time estimates in Cura drop can no longer be quenched by two pounds an hour!

We don’t want you to lose sleep from your yearnings, and as always, Massive Dimension has a solution for your problem! Since we’re responsible for getting you hooked on this whole pellet extruder idea, we want to help you along on the next stage of your journey- which is why we offer the MD Hardware Exchange Program! How does the program work, you ask?

Simple, really! If you want to purchase an MDPE10, and already own an MDPH2, you can send it back to us and get your full purchase value credited back towards your new purchase. That’s right folks, your eyes doth not deceive you - we will give you back every penny you spent on the MDPH2 towards the cost of a brand new MDPE10! And don’t weep for your faithful MDPH2- we’ll refurbish it and offer it at a reduced price to someone else looking for an entry bargain. We like to think that’s a win-win for all parties involved… we have been running the same program for our Filabot EX2 and EX6 machines for years!

For particulars on the MD Hardware Exchange Program including shipping information, follow the Click Here!

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