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Extruder Cleaning Purge Compound

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Temperature Rating:Low Temperature

Our Extruder Purge Compound is ideal for both routine cleanings and transitioning between different plastic types during extrusion.

To maximize its benefits, follow these simple steps:

  1. Heat up your extruder.
  2. Remove the small bolt nozzle from the end of the extruder.
  3. Fill the hopper halfway with our purge compound.
  4. Allow the hopper to empty, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  5. Remove the large nozzle and use needle nose pliers to extract any remaining cleaning plastic residue.

Upgrade your extruder maintenance routine with our Extruder Purge Compound for optimal performance and longevity.

**Do not use with a mesh melt filter installed on previous models**


1lb Bag

Temperature Ratings:

  • Low Temperature - Max temperature 329°C
  • High Temperature - Max temperature 379°C

Material Safety Datasheet: Purge Compound (Low Temp)

Material Safety Datasheet: Purge Compound (High Temp)

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