Filabot Waterbath
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Filabot Waterbath


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The new Filabot Waterbath utilizes the high cooling capacity of water to rapidly solidify newly extruded filament. This allows higher filament extrusion speeds to be achieved, and difficult to extrude materials to be more easily worked with. This unit can be used as a replacement for the Filabot Airpath or can be used in addition to a Filabot Airpath for even greater cooling capacity. 

The Filabot Waterbath has three fully adjustable filament guide arms that can be set up in any position to hold the filament below the waterline. Two outlets are positioned on either end of the tank to allow for circulator pumps to be attached and to enable users to easily drain water out by connecting a hose. 

The frame of the Filabot Waterbath is made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure no parts rust. 

This unit comes with a one-year warranty, as is standard with all of our products.

In some use cases, oval filament will be produced by using this product. Oval filament will still produce high-quality prints as the shape of filament does not change the quality, only changes in the volume of filament will cause lower print quality. 

Product Includes: 

  • Filabot Waterbath
  • 10ft of Drain Hose
  • QTY 2 Stainless steel ¼” NPT Male/Female
  • QTY 2 Barbed Hose Fitting