Filabot EX6 Extruder Setup - Filabot
Filabot EX6 Extruder Setup - Filabot
Filabot EX6 Extruder Setup - Filabot
Filabot EX6 Extruder Setup - Filabot


EX6 Extruder Setup

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This bundle is a full setup that includes everything that is needed to develop and produce filament for any FDM or FFF 3D printer.

Filabot EX6 Extruder

The Filabot EX6 extruder is our professional-level system, designed to be the best system for developing new polymers and for production of filament. The EX6 features a three-stage extrusion screw made from hardened and polished high-carbon stainless steel. The screw can be easily removed for cleaning and can be swapped out with the various other screw profiles to match the processing requirements of the polymer. With this new system, screws with different characteristics can be used as needed for each specific polymer, allowing screw designs to be tested and polymer output and consistency optimized. All screws have a 24:1 L/D ratio giving greater versatility and control compared to other extruders. Click here to learn about the other available screws. The EX6 features extrusion speed control and a 4 zone temperature control system. The speed control board includes an automatic, variable voltage control module that is engineered to regulate the precise RPM of the screw. The temperature zones are independently controlled allowing for a polymer specific heat profile.

Filabot Airpath 

The Filabot Airpath uses forced convection to cool filament as it is being extruded. The Filabot Spooler can be used for the common ABS and PLA materials to help get greater tolerance and easier extrusion setup. The air path is a must for researchers and development labs who are working with higher temperature polymers where the filament needs to be cooled before it is passed through the Filabot Spooler. This system has a speed readout so that consistent speeds can be set.

Filabot Airpath Filament Cooling System


Filabot Spooler 

The Filabot Spooler is the ultimate compliment to our extruder systems. In addition to conveniently spooling your extruded filament, the unit allows you to easily fine-tune the extrusion diameter for the tightest possible tolerances. This is achieved by adjusting the speed of the puller wheels, which draw the filament from the extruder. The puller wheels have been engineered to be non-compressive, meaning they preserve the quality of the extrusion. This updated model features a variable traverse mechanism to evenly distribute filament onto the spool, an upgraded circuit board for the smoothest possible power delivery, and stainless roller shafts which glide on sealed bearings. This setup includes everything you need to make filament. We are offering a discounted price when you purchase the Filabot EX6, Filabot Spooler, and Filabot Airpath together. This bundle has a 1-year warranty.



Filabot Spooler filament winder

Bundle Includes

  • Filabot EX6 Extruder and Cleaning Tools
  • Filabot Airpath
  • Filabot Spooler

EX6 Includes

1. Removable Screw

1. 2.85mm Nozzle

1. 1.75mm Nozzle

1. User Manual

1. Power Cord

1. Packet of Anti-Seize

2. Packages of Purge

1. Brass wire wheel,

1. Brass pipe cleaner,

1. 10’ of copper gauze and an extension rod for the pipe cleaner

1. Screw removal tool,

1. Pair of oven mittens. 

Typical measured power consumption, which will vary, for different polymers is 400 Watts for the EX6 Bundle.

Click here for Screw Specs

Click here for Ink Bird Temperature Control Manual

Click here for the Filabot EX6 Manual

Filabot EX6 Overview Video

Filabot Airpath Overview Video

Filabot Spooler Overview Video