Low Cost DIY Pellet Machine - By MDPI – Filabot
Low Cost DIY Pellet Machine - By MDPI

Low Cost DIY Pellet Machine - By MDPI

Systems exist in the 3D printer space to convert pellets into high quality 3D printer filaments, such is the case with Filabot. However there seems to be a lack of such a system for the pelletization of filaments. The cost of converting filaments into pellets is more costly as there is less of a marketplace for a small scale pelletization machine. Such a system would allow hobbyists, makers and researchers alike to produce and combine filaments via the pelletization process and the recreation of blended filaments.

Such filaments are known in the 3D printing space as Fused Particle Fabrication or FPF. The combination of a commercial filament with, for example, a recycled coffee infused filament (as mentioned in the research article) would allow those utilizing 3D printers to produce filament in a much more affordable way.

Additionally, the combination of one or more filament types in conjunction with pellet machine settings allows one to produce a variety of custom filaments. With a DIY pellet machine and a desktop extruder, the horizon is abundant with opportunity in combining materials of all sorts. If you would like to learn more about creating your own DIY pellet machine, the article attached below explains in detail the parts and instructions needed to produce your own pellets and experiment with Fused Particle Fabrication.

Check out the PDF article here: 3-D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper for Fused
Granular Fabrication-Based Additive Manufacturing

If your interested in a chopper let us know by singing up here: Filachopper





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  • Robert Patterson

    I am interested in your chopper. I don’t do any 3d printing but I do small batch injection molding. I need a special blend of plastic but it is not enough to have a masterbatch. I want to do it myself.

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