Keeping it Local

Keeping it Local

Here at Filabot, we are all about giving back to the community. Donating filament to the Aldrich Library was the least we could do for a community that provides so much for its people in Barre VT. The Aldrich Library provides a wide range of classes and services which includes job hunting guides, knitting classes, and even parenting classes.

What interested us the most about the Aldrich Library is the STEAM program that runs from February to May for 4th-5th graders. Here they experiment with science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. We were happy to learn that the library has a Lulzbot that is used during STEAM and by anyone in the community. When we arrived they were making chess pieces for the chess club they offer.


Our hope at Filabot is that the Barre community can use the filament to create anything they want with a 3D printer. Whether that's a Game of Thrones business card holder or a bookmark, it's up to their imagination to do so.

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