Filabot Pulverized PLA 4043D for Your Next Project
Filabot Pulverized PLA 4043D for Your Next Project

Filabot Pulverized PLA 4043D for Your Next Project

We are proud to announce that our web store will be providing pulverized PLA 4043D for our Filabot Original, Filabot EX2, and Filabot EX6 Filament Extruders.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a polymer plastic that is developed from cornstarch or sugarcane. The 4043D grade PLA is from Natureworks LLC. It is one of the first cost-effective and versatile extrusion grade PLAs developed for the market. It is environment-friendly and easy-to-use. This PLA provides precise details, quality adhesion to bill plates, less warping or curling during production, and no oily or greasy odor when heated.

Filabot provides the 4043 grade PLA in a pulverized form that is milled down to a small 60 mesh size (In the future, there will be higher grade PLAs available from Filabot). The smaller mesh size allows the pallets to mix better with other components or additives. Pulverized material make homogeneous mixtures that don't separate in the hopper. You can combine it with metal powder, carbon fiber, wood powder, talc, stone dust and more to create different types of filament for your 3D designs. Also, when you want to create polymers with additives, you have to use pulverized PLAs. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to mix the components together properly.

There are many advantages of using PLA for your next 3D project. The material is less sensitive to temperature changes. So it is easier to work with than other popular filaments. It provides more surface details which makes it a great raw material for creating cosmetic prints, prototypes, and desk toys. But PLA is not strong enough for regular wear and tear products. It is brittle and will break easily under pressure. So it should be used for low- stress applications.

The 4043D is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Because it’s made from renewable cornstarch or sugarcane, it requires less processing heat than petroleum-based polymers. So it’s a cost-effective solution for day-to-day applications. Also, it is safe to use in food containers. 

We hope the addition of pulverized PLA 4043D to our lineup will help you with your next project. You can subscribe to our FacebookTwitterInstagram or YouTube channel to stay updated on future announcements.

If you have any questions about pulverized PLA 4043D, please feel free to contact us. Our experts are ready to help you today.



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