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A Vermont Company


Nestled among the Green Mountains in a small town called Barre lies an inconspicuous cluster of warehouses. If you're not from Vermont, chances are you've never heard of Barre. It's a small place where a good chunk of VT's granite quarries happen to be. It's where Filabot lives, breathes, troubleshoots, and thrives. Our team of dedicated employees shuffle about, fulfilling orders, cracking jokes, solving problems. Across the driveway are the offices where another team deals with the front end, customer service and technical support. We've got a dog over there too.

3D Printer Filament

We tromp back and forth to consult with the engineering team on a variety of projects, products, and prototypes of all sorts and sizes. We don't wear button downs or khakis because we’re elbow deep in our projects and prototypes. Sometimes, okay most days, we get dirty. This is Vermont after all.

It’s hard to put in words why Filabot is a good company to be a part of.  Maybe it's the inventive spirit, the idea behind the machine itself, or perhaps it's the free and endless coffee. At the end of the day, however, it's the values that underpin the product, the place and the people that make Filabot a successful company.

The Filabot was designed to help recycle plastics and reduce waste. It extrudes filament at a low cost and helps keep plastic out of the landfill. As landfills grow and more garbage finds it's way into the wild, it feels pretty good to be building a machine that you can get behind, a machine that addresses a serious problem our global society faces. Doing good by the environment isn't specifically a Vermont quality, but it's no secret we're outdoor enthusiasts, lovers of the open sky. Our affinity for the natural world as a driving inspiration for the creation of the Filabot.

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We all fit in a niche and work more together to create solutions,  to meet the demands of our customers as well as the demands of our own selves and passions. We're about personal satisfaction, respect, and loyalty here. We like to have a good time and we like to stay honest and open. It's pretty simple.

We like Vermont, the people here, the sentiment. Life isn't bustling like a city, it's peaceful and productive. We're Filabot. We’ve got our niche and we’re happy to be a part of the 3D printing industry. We are a global company with customers all over but we like the quiet and comfort that Vermont allows. We're simply saying that the place makes the people, the people make the product, and we're pretty proud of what we’ve got.

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  • Filabot Team

    Hello William, we checked and couldn’t find any emails from you recently. Whitney will be reaching out to you by email or phone shortly.

  • William Horner

    I did not get a response to my inquiry yet. My number is 402 510-7705. If you look at our website—————-www.single-use-solutions.com, you will quickly see why we are interested in your equipment.
    Please call me at 402 510-7705 or bill@single-use-solutions.com .

  • kamran khan

    do you have local supplier in uae?
    can we pay by credit card and you can ship to uae?

  • Mike Weatherbee

    Glad to see Barre Vermont is doing something about the plastics issues there, wish Barre Massachusetts would show some more interest…glad the Barre name is in connection with a good thing good for the environment.

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