#3DThursday: Lacrosse Head

#3DThursday: Lacrosse Head

What's great about having access to a 3D printer is seeing what everyone here is interested in. We print for our trucks, camping equipment, whatever! And the more we print, the more ideas occur to us. 

Recently, our employee Chantel Wilkin read an article about the sports industry and lacrosse using 3D printing.

She says: "I have many lacrosse sticks at home that either have broken heads or don't have a head at all. I recently read this article online that talked about how lacrosse companies are starting to 3D print equipment so I thought it would be cool to print my own!" 

So she did, and it looks great. While she still hasn't tested it out, the print seems durable enough for her. 

"I might have to do a bit of tweaking and changing the original print design, but I'm excited about that as well." 

Anyway, that's what we've been up to! Check out the thingverse link to the original file.

The Filabot Team

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